Learn Tajweed Rules Online

Learn Tajweed Rules Online

TTajweed is a Persian word that meaning “lovely.” It is a collection of principles that teaches us how to recite the Quran in a beautiful, accurate, and accented manner. To recite the Quran correctly and receive the greatest reward from ALLAH. Every Muslim must learn Tajweed principles for reciting the Quran. ALLAH says in surah Muzzammil: “and recite the Quran with measured recitation”. The genuine scholars explain this ayat karima to signify reciting the Quran using Tajweed guidelines. Learn the Tajweed rules. Our Quran Teachers teach our online course in a very warm and impressive setting. Our dedicated Quran tutors will make it possible for even a school-age child to reach this objective by promoting enthusiasm and using creative approaches.

It is not allowed for anybody to alter any letter of the Holy Revelation on purpose. Before even attempting to study it, we usually begin to believe that we will be unable to repair it. This is a mistake, and it is also a sin. As a result, you should endeavour to acquire Tajweed principles for faultless recitation as well as correct pronunciations from competent Quran Teachers. As a result, we must understand Tajweed guidelines in order to recite correctly, and we must not despair or quit up. And ALLAH is the most powerful source of strength.

Who can apply?

Learn Tajweed rules on the internet course may be used by students aged four years to any age. We have specific classes tailored for pupils of all ages. Our Qur’an teachers follow practical exercises step by step and the daily speed is determined dependent on the student’s ability and pace. If any learner does not know how to read, they should first go to Quran Reading with Tajweed or Quran.

As seen in the right-hand figure, we understand how greatly these little variations in sounds affect the meaning when such phrases are read by a trained Coran teacher. Let our Quran teachers assist you master the rules of tajwea as easily as possible.